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My Name Dj Chambers Boy! I DJ for Club Blow. I toured around the country with Jessie McDonald the comedian. I work with DeRay Davis at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Cleveland Ohio, Boston Baltimore North Carolina Memphis Tennessee, I've toured with Rickey Smiley in Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham Alabama, Biloxi Mississippi, I worked with La chat, Project Pat, Shawty Lo, freezer boy, King Tate, LilRock Obama, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Rickey Smiley, DeRay Davis, Big Tuck, Tee stackz, cash richest. I also DJ For A-team DJ'S every Thursday for in the street's Thursdays with D Dirt LilrockObama. My family are the American Gangster Chambers boys from Marianna and Detroit. In 2011 we decided to create Club blow, that's when my DJ career took place. #Follow me @ Jermaine chambers on FB, Jermainechambers1 on IG, Djchambersboy7 Snapcha

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