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   Our overall goal and purpose is to break records in our market consisting of Arkansas and all the states that touch Arkansas including Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Missouri. Our key market is Arkansas because most of our djs are based in this market.  We also are familiar with the who’s doing what in this market as far as the clubs, hot spots, vloggers, promoters, platforms, what type of music people like, influencers, etc


   We are familiar with a market and network that many may not be aware of yet. Arkansas is divided into six sections. Central AR, Northeast AR, Northwest AR, Southeast AR, Southwest AR and South Central AR.  Each section has their own culture and music market.  Arkansas is known for booking mainstream artists. Many artists got their first paid shows in Arkansas such as Kevin Gates, many Memphis artists and more. There are concerts every weekend in Arkansas that independent artists needing exposure can take advantage of. 

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